safina women



Promote  human rights and wellbeing  of Women, Children and Youth community in  in Tanzania, through collaboration with other stake holders both local and foreign by taking into consideration priorities of beneficiaries.


1   .Empowering girls and women in the villages by seminars and workshops on their rights such as to own business, land and property. This is done through conducting seminars to village government leaders and the community at large using experts from legal advisors such as lawyers and community development officers. Through these seminars, the women and girls are imparted with education that liberate them from suppression caused by bad culture and false customs thus becoming free mentally, economically, physically, helping them foster their personal development at large.

2   .To help and advice widows and orphans to claim their lost properties during inheritance. This is done through individuals or groups. Some women after their husbands’ death lost their properties to the families of their diseased men. Some girls during family property inheritance never got anything; therefore SAFINA helps them follow up their fare share by seeking legal advice for them.

3      .To encourage women in the rural areas to participate in leadership areas, to utilize well their right to choose and to be chosen in the village government committees and even at other positions in their community and higher posts. This is done by women seminars and primary school girls empowerment workshops. Empower women and girl

To help Women Children and Youth acquire their  legal rights in life democratically. Paralegal support.

  • Provide seminars ,workshops and community mobilization on Women, Children and Youth  rights economically, socially and psychologically
  • Formation of Women and Youth economic groups.
  • Impart rights on health education particularly relating to HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria. In collaboration with VCT advising people to be tested.
  • To impart awareness and provision of support to orphans, widows, widowers, elderly and other Most Vulnerable people.
  • Educating people on Environmental conservation and the Economic benefit of environment.
  • Visiting PLHIV, advising them on nutritional food and counsel them.( Home Based Care).
  • Support provision of proper Education to Children and Youth of Tanzania in Primary, Secondary, VTCs and College.


Current Running Projects At the time

Women rights to own land and property Ludewa district CFLI-2021-DSLAM-0007

Haki ya mwanamke kumiliki ardhi wilaya Ludewa 2021 to Feb 2022