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The right of women and girls to own land and property in Ludewa District Njombe Region.


Recipient OrganizationSafina women association
Descriptive Project NameEmpowerment of 310 women and 124 girls in Ludewa District through capacity building seminars on the right of women and girls to own land and property.
Project Objectives
List which objectives (as described in the Contribution Agreement)should have been met by this stage of the project.
1)      To sensitize 30 local Government leaders on gender equality. This was done well on 23rd November 2021 at Ludewa.  7 were Women while 23 were men. District Commissioner was the Guest of Honor. DAS and  DED also attended.
2)      A one day seminar to 600 participants from 60 Villages out of 62 villages from  19 Wards in 5 Division have been reached.  260  men attended the seminar and 340 females were reached.
Reaching the Village Community using seminar participants .  We are using 60 Village Executive Officers (VEO )who were elected as chairs of participants from each Village to obtain information on how they are  doing with community mobilization on gender equality. First after the seminar they placed the posters at areas where many people visit such as market places, Village Offices and shopping places. This time we provided each village with reporting forms which will be used to send us the reports. See Appendix A.
The number of women reached is 310 at seminars and 7 during Local Government awareness session total number of women is  317, girls reached during seminars were only 30, while 260 men were reached during seminar and 23 at awareness seminar with a total of  630 people reached.
3)Among 600 people,  200 were  men from Village Committees and 60 were  Village leaders all received knowledge  on gender equality and the right of women and girls to own land and property.
Have these objectives been met?
On track to meet future objectives YES. The remaining objectives are
1)Formation of strong women economic groups in the villages.
2)Increase in % of gender equality and land and property ownership.
Gender Equality ConsiderationsThe whole project was planed to  ensure gender equality in Ludewa District. The project made  sure that Women and girls are the major beneficiaries in the seminars where 310 were women, 124 girls and only 124 men were planed to attend seminars . During the seminars  300 Women expected all attended . Girls were only 40 due to some Villages didn’t select them and instead they brought men. Apart from that challenge Females’ were  340 and  men were 260.  

THIS IS A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT. To SAFINA although as stated previously in the project PATRIARCHY System shows clearly to dominate.  All 600 participants received a pamphlet, two brochures and had a chance to meet a lawyer and a Community development Officer.  Village leaders  received POSTERS.
Project Risk Assessment1.       Environmental risk of rains. Mwambao Division and Some Wards are difficult to reach and organize seminars  during heavy rains of Mid  November  through out to March.  In 2021 rains have delayed up to January 2022. With these changes Government officials pleaded SAFINA  to reach two Wards in this area which usually most of stake holders  abandon due to Geographic situation. These two Wards had fewer Village than the eliminated ones .This caused the following:-
i).  instead of reaching 62 Villages we reached 60 Villages.
ii). We reached 600 seminar participants instead of 620.
iii). The managed to rich two Wards of Mwambao Division which are not reached by many facilitators.
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