safina women


About Us

The organization was established in 2003 by five (5) Tanzanian women after attending a seminar on women  empowerment. These women who trusted each other with the same vision and mission to help women in rural community obtain their rights, joined and started the SAFINA group. First they had to attend several seminars to equip themselves with more knowledge, hence  they attended  several seminars such as   HIV/AIDS, Food processing (conducted by Small Industry Development Organization SIDO), Human rights (conducted by Tanzania Association of Women Lawyers Association) and Environment conservation (conducted by Nature Scope), also the leader attended a seminar on group formation and organization development. The group recruited more women and girls and was registered in 2004 as an  Association and later in 2006 registered as an NGO


Promote  human rights and wellbeing  of Women, Children and Youth community in  in Tanzania, through collaboration with other stake holders both local and foreign by taking into consideration priorities of beneficiaries.


To see a Tanzanian community with a better life and positive development as an outcome of colaboration and unity between men and women in all struggles, decision making, economy and development process as a whole.



  • Provide seminars ,workshops and community mobilization on Women, Children and Youth  rights economically, socially and psychologically
  • Formation of Women and Youth economic groups.
  • Impart rights on health education particularly relating to HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria. In collaboration with VCT advising people to be tested.
  • To impart awareness and provision of support to orphans, widows, widowers, elderly and other Most Vulnerable people.
  • Educating people on Environmental conservation and the Economic benefit of environment.
  • Visiting PLHIV, advising them on nutritional food and counsel them.( Home Based Care).
  • Support provision of proper Education to Children and Youth of Tanzania in Primary, Secondary, VTCs and College.